Leoian baby horoscope

Leo Child & Parent

He can rarely laugh at himself and even less when he is being laughed at! He has to learn not to take everyday challenges so seriously.

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Your Leo baby is a fiery ball from the start and for good reason. Leos, born from July 23rd to August 22nd, are ruled by the Sun and the fire element. Free parenting horoscopes by The AstroTwins, Tali and Ophira Edut, astrologers for ELLE and TV Conception Dates for a Leo Child: October November

Parents should be aware when raising their child to show him the limits since on his own, he will tend to exaggerate. The pubescent Leo has such a strong desire for praise and success that his behavior can sometimes take on exhibitionist traits which may make himself look ridiculous with his friends or at a party.

Leo Child Traits, Personality, & Characteristics

This child is full of life, loves sports, especially those that take place outdoors, and likes to compete. He frequently achieves great success and is often the best in his group or on his team.

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He is almost always cheerful and infects others with his charm and good humor. Only when he has a broken heart will the young Leo become deeply sad — denial is not something that he can deal with. The child has learned by observing that you, as parents, encourage and approve rather dominant, strong, and self-confident behavior and actions. Because of this, he likes to do this to achieve his goals in life, even if it puts other people under pressure.

He must practice empathy if he plans on ever being there for others.

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Search for:. They are also the sign that rules drama, so when the temper tantrums do come, look out!

pertioteve.tk These kids love to play, be it a board game, dolls, tag, running around with pets or on a computer. As long as they can be creative and free, they are happy.

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They love bright colors and sounds. Paint their rooms in vivid hues and set up the musical mobiles.

LEO: “BABY COME BACK! 😯” Sept. 19-25

This sign loves to please, so once they find out what makes the adults coo over them, out comes the show-off streak. These tykes have energy to burn and love to stay up all night singing and chatting. Enroll them in a drama, dance or gymnastics class early to channel their theatrical talents into a productive outlet.

1. They're Warm and Loving

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Ultra-creative Leos love to put on plays, have imaginary friends or pretend that they are in a different era. Be prepared for lots of entertainment and be sure to clap loudly!

Leo Child: Personality Traits and Characteristics

They like to travel with toys and their favorite stuffed animal or doll in tow. This sign has a natural, caretaking streak and tends to be ultra-responsible with animals. Leos need to decorate everything from their rooms to their clothes.